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My Story

Do you remember the magical moment when you first learned to read? I do. I learned to read while sitting in a bright yellow clawfoot tub in the public library of the pint-size town of Kahoka, Missouri. Weird, huh? My mom was a librarian - lucky me! Beautiful books, funny books, adventure books, fantasy books, books with pictures, and books with magic - books were my greatest delight. They still are.

Now I'm a teacher. And a mom. And a basketball fan. And a dog lover. And I'm a writer, too. But way down deep I'm still just a little girl snuggling in a bright yellow clawfoot tub waiting for my mom to turn out the lights and walk me home.

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Current Project

A Young Adult Historical Fiction novel based on the segregated schools of Marfa, Texas, a story that first captured my attention when originally broadcast as a StoryCorp episode on NPR. This book first started out as a side project, but soon turned into a fascinating undertaking which I couldn’t stop thinking about or writing.

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My first book - Iris Brave - started out as a short story I was writing for my young son. I'd been thinking about Iris as a character for years, but it was my little boy who inspired me to write her adventure. That short story is now a trilogy. I have my incredible son to thank for that. Thank you, Mateo!

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Soul Jumpers Book One

Iris Brave isn't as courageous s her name suggests. That's about to change.

Iris doesn't take risks. Heights maker her dizzy and she prefers to swim in the shallow end. . . with nose plugs.

On a summer visit to her grandpa's farm, a mysterious stranger shadows Iris, leaving her cryptic messages. When this outsider turns out to be a phantom from her family's past, Iris sheds her timid ways to uncover the truth and protect the family she loves.

Along the way Iris discovers family secrets and enigmatic figures that lead her to question everything she's ever thought was real.

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Soul Jumpers Book Two

What if you find yourself on the verge of death and your soul is not ready to die?

Iris Brave agrees to be the pawn in a risky scheme to free her father from his ruthless captors. In doing so, Iris jeopardizes her own freedom. She's a long way from home and is surrounded by people who she knows are not what they seem. Who can she trust when one mistake could cost her everything?

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Soul Jumpers Book Three

Don't mis the dramatic conclusion of the Soul Jumpers Trilogy.

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"I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass."

Maya Angelou

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San Diego, CA

(619) 838 - 4865

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Literacy Tutor & Writing Coach

Alison uses a direct, explicit, structured, sequential, diagnostic approach to teaching literacy using multiple modalities. With more than two decades of classroom teaching experience, Alison is able to create individual lessons based on each student's specific needs.

Alison is a a Middle Grades and Young Adult writer who supports motivated students to set goals, follow their passions, and to become the best storytellers they can be.

To reach Alison about literacy tutoring or writing coaching, please email her at:

or call (619) 838 - 4865.

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